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Privacy Policy

General Provisions:

Confidentiality of customer personal data is an integral element of the Agreement between the User and the Supplier. 

This Client Data Privacy Policy applies to the Services offered on the Site, including games, lotteries and tournaments. The policy regulates the use of personal data of Clients, protecting it from access by third parties. By using the services of the Site, the User accepts this Privacy Policy and consents to the use and storage of personal data.

This Policy provides explanations regarding the procedure for collecting, processing, storing and protecting the User's personal data. The supplier guarantees the absolute secrecy of the personal information of clients, except for the cases provided in the Privacy Policy.    

Use of information:

The supplier has the right to store and process the following data about the User:

  • e-mail address;  
  • nickname; 
  • date of birth; 
  • sex; 
  • location data, time zone; 
  • postal code and address; 
  • phone number; 
  • data on the language settings of the site (interface); 
  • history of gaming activity; 
  • behavioral history in the presented entertainment of the Site (games / tournaments / lotteries); 
  • history of financial transactions; 
  • financial transaction data;  
  • any documents and data that confirm the payment made by the Client; 
  • data on requests to the support service. 

The Supplier does not store information on the Customer's credit cards. The following cases are exceptions: 

  • If such transfer of data is dictated by applicable law, when the Provider is required to provide personal information to the relevant authorities, including responses to legal subpoenas, and court orders; 
  • If the Provider has previously received consent from the User to transfer data, including situations when, within the framework of the Provider's Services, the Client received a message that the provided information will be used in the same way, and the User himself has provided the necessary data; 
  • If the Client has violated applicable law, was caught by the Supplier in fraud and money laundering. 

The Provider guarantees the protection of the User's personal information in the following ways:  

  • The provider strictly adheres to established security standards when receiving and transmitting data;
  • User information is protected by transport layer encryption technology – TLS 1.2, and AES application layer with a 256-bit key;
  • The Client data is not transferred to undefined third persons. The Provider is taking effective measures to protect Client's private data from any unauthorized use and is only making it available to parties involved in providing gambling services through the website. Notwithstanding this, the Provider takes all necessary measures to ensure that such third parties, for example, game providers, payment service providers or affiliates, are subject to the non-disclosure agreement with regard to such private data processing and take all necessary steps to ensure their safety.

The Supplier has the right to use the personal data of Clients in certain cases, namely: 

  • to create answers to questions, applications, complaints and appeals, as well as for technical support; 
  • to transfer funds to a client account; 
  • to analyze and control the User's gaming activity, track trends in order to improve the functionality and quality of the gaming process;
  • to process information materials related to the service of the Website and provide such data to players, according to their preferences; 
  • to send the User administrative notifications, updates, confirmations, warnings;
  • for advertising, PR and marketing campaigns;; 
  • to inform the competent authorities about the facts of violation of the use of the Supplier's services; 
  • for any purposes that, in the opinion of the Provider, require the collection of personal data.   

By registering on the Site, the Client gives his consent to the Supplier to use his data for advertising, PR and marketing purposes. Such data is considered to be various kinds of information, including, but not limited to, name and surname, poems, reviews, videos or images of the Client («Content»). 
The Provider may process and / or use the received data of the Client as follows, unless otherwise specified: 

  • collect
  • keep
  • systematize
  • clarify
  • depersonalize
  • share with other users on the Internet

The Client thereby confirms that as a result of using the Client's Content for the above purposes, the Client will not resort to filing court claims, monetary claims and other negative actions in relation to the Supplier that may harm the business reputation of the Site and the Supplier.

Collection of information

The user must adhere to the rules and provide the necessary data at the request of the Supplier. The provider may use cookies and web beacons (hereinafter «collection tools»). Such data includes IP (Internet Protocol Addresses), browser type and language, ISP (Internet Service Providers), link / exit pages, URLs, date / time, operating systems, data in the data stream and other information. 

This information excludes the identification of users and is used by the Provider only for analyzing trends within the Site and its administration. 

The user reserves the right to refuse the installation of cookies. However, the Supplier recommends not to restrict cookies in order to make the Site work correctly. 

The Provider is not responsible for third parties' access to personal information at the initiative of the Client himself. If the User wishes to close the account, it is necessary to send a corresponding request to the support service at [email protected]

The supplier has the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy without notifying customers. Customers are encouraged to regularly visit the website page to keep track of up-to-date information regarding the Privacy Policy for personal information about users. 


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